Star Lord and Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Star Lord and Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy) Costume

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The image represents the two of us at San Francisco Comic Con where we couldn’t walk three feet without being stopped for photo ops. We got lucky and the professional photographer sent us a couple pictures he took of our work.

The costumes are both screen accurate, down to the knapsack, Walkman, Jacket and painstakingly hand built boots, boot rockets and blasters. I have a thread on the Replica Prop Forum that details the work I put into this over two and a half years. I also weighted each of the props so that when children handle them from their hospital beds, the heft lends to the realism…(more on that below)

Noelle’s costume is the red ‘Ravager’ flight suit worn at during the final battle scenes from the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. We’ve only ever seen one other cosplay of this and well…You can see it in the images I’ve attached which shows how she sewed a seam down every strip of 1/8th inch trim that covers almost every panel of the pants and top. For every fifth stitch, I guarantee you…there was a swear word.

Beyond the costumes….

My wife and I actually cosplay for my group ‘Heroes on Call’ where we visit children and parents at Family House in San Francisco to provide smiles, gifts, and home baked goods to the children afflicted with Cancer, at this UCSF adjunct two blocks from the hospital in Mission Bay. In so doing, we also provided a much needed respite of distraction for their parents. Our efforts can be viewed at by scrolling down the page until you see the likes of Star Lord, Belle, Wonder Woman, Tony Stark and a couple of Ghost Busters. It’s my solid belief that smiles and laughter are clinically good for you. That’s what we do, but it doesn’t stop there…

We also organize Zombie ‘Shambles’ for food. I was featured in an episode of the Mythbusters in 2016 and I connected with a group of Zombies from that episode which was filmed on Mare Island, Vallejo. What we did was get into character and ‘shamble-walk’ up two blocks in Emeryville –in character– to a Pak-N-Sav where each of us bought two items, paid in cash, and shambled back to the rally point to prep the bags of food for delivery to a local food bank…yes…in character.

This is not only good for those who need the food, but each person got twice the number of steps and burned twice the calories in the process.

On our way back from the store, we encountered a woman with a cardboard sign which read ‘Hungry – need to feed my children – please help’. By the time I reached this individual, there was a small pile of food-stuffs at her feet, the most ironic of which was a box of LIFE cereal. …let that sink in.

LIFE from a DEAD person.

All told, we gathered about seven bags of groceries and actually met our goal of DIRECTLY feeding someone who needed it in the process. I’m thinking that this woman with that cardboard sign will never forget the day her family got fed by Zombies.

Star Lord Boots in repose-4.jpg
09 Gamora Ravager Flight Suit - Sleeve Detail-2.jpg
Before and after-3.JPG
Star Lord and Gamora - Second Pro Photographh-1.jpg
Star Lord and Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy)

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