Sorceress Mimikyu

Sorceress Mimikyu Costume

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Mimikyu is a ghost/fairy type Pokemon that stalks and preys on Pikachu, he wants to be loved and adored like pikachu so much he created a costume in his likeless. His true intentions are much more darker though, according to his pokedex entry noone knows what his true form looks like and if you peak under his pika disguise you will be cursed.

I designed and created my own interpretation of mimikyu with this sorceress inspired look, it’s kinda a cross between Malificient and Mimikyu. I made everything from scratch and hand painted the entire design on the front which took me over a week and many sleepless nights to do since it needed 3 coats of fabric paint to be solid. I made my headdress from a Styrofoam bowl and added it’s layers on piece by piece. The staff is made by a giant piece of wood I found in the woods that I carved and painted. This costume took me about 2 months to build and many hours creating it. In cost it was around 300.00 to create this original creation designed and worn by me.

Sorceress Mimikyu

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