Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog Costume

We got an old sleeper, gloves, toboggan, shoes, blue hair spray, aluminum foil, paper towels, white blanket, and let’s not forget the hot glue gun. First, we made 8 cones triangles and a long tail like shape out of aluminum foil. Then, we stuffed each one full of paper towels to hold shape. I then took the white blanket and cut it and covered each piece with a piece. I then covered the toboggan with it as well.

Next, I covered the sleeper with the same blanket fabric leaving a hole in the belly area as well as the arms. After it was covered, I painted the arms and belly with a tan color and then sprayed the rest of the body with the blue hair paint. I did this to each piece that I have made out of aluminum foil. I then added each piece to the body and toboggan. Last, I did his shoes. They wrapped them in a white fabric then painted them leaving a white line at the front of the shoe. I made 8 circles out of aluminum foil and then covered them with a white fabric. I painted gloves white and I made two buckles out of aluminum foil. I covered them with the same white fabric and painted then yellow. We put it all together and he was Sonic!


Submitted by: Jamie petty

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