Slinky Dog

Slinky Dog Costume

Posted by Jessica SkeltonPosted ago

My fiancé and I wanted to do a couples costume and we thought this would be perfect!! We made it together from scratch which was a big headache…lol. We had a few trial and errors before we finally got it right.

We used foam ball halves for the head, chest, and butt. We had to connect the halves to make the head whole. We used cloth to cover the body, felt for the neck/ears and foam board for the nose and collar. We used wire for the tale and slinky that we got from Lowe’s home improvements. We used skewers, hot glue, staples and spray adhesive to hold it all together. Because of trial and error, the costume probably cost around $120 to make.

Everyone loved the costume! The first question they would ask is “how do you guys go to the bathroom?” in which my fiancé being his funny self would lift his leg as a male dog would.

Slinky Dog

Submitted by: Jessica Skelton

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