Sandy Eggo Waffle

Sandy Eggo Waffle

Posted by Sandy SandersPosted ago

Some egg crate foam; golden yellow spray paint; hula hoops; and a hot glue gun allowed me to become a $40 versatile waffle that garnered lots of laughs; a costume contest prize; and apologetic parents trying to keep their cute little ones from trying to “eat” my costume. I paired it with a Stranger Things Eleven costume and did a 5k run in it. Hit the club in it — where the bouncer let me in free because I pulled my ID from my Eggo box “purse.” And paired up with a dog dressed as Eleven for a “couples” costume. Food is pretty universally recognizable so the costume was a huge hit with all ages — especially when I told adults that my first name was Sandy, and my costume was also: Sandy Eggo from Cali.


Submitted by: Sandy Sanders

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