Roles Reverse Wedding

Roles Reverse Wedding Costume

My wife and I chose this costume several months ago. As for her it was not very difficult, she bought the tuxedo, the wig, the mustache, hat, shirt, and the tie. I lent her one of my cufflinks and made the Boutonniere. In my case, it was a whole production!!

My costume is made to the utmost detail even with the underwear: For months I let my hair grow so I don’t have to wear a wig, I went to a beauty salon to get a hairstyle and nails ($50), We got the headband and the veil in a vintage and antique market in Daytona($20), the earrings had post so I had to cut them, file, and put them on with magnets ($20), I epilated my whole body, the Lace necklace ($10), Used bride dress ($80), to the white heels, I glued one by one some sparkles to give them the touch of the bride shoes ($30), I wear authentic vintage stockings with seam ($20), a vintage Christian Dior garter belt ($30), and a leg garter that I decorated with a little flower and a thin pink ribbon as it was only white ($10). I was already forgetting it, the false eyelashes was a nightmare to put them on!! ($8), not a problem with the makeup, the flowers bouquet ($5), and a fake diamond ring ($8).
My wife looks very funny and I think we make a great couple!

Roles Reverse Wedding

Submitted by: Edward

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