Rocky the Squirrel

Rocky the Squirrel Costume

Posted by Becky LonningPosted ago

Who doesn’t smile when seeing a toddler walking around with a large squirrel tail? That’s what I thought when coming up with my son’s Halloween costume. And an aviator hat just adds to the cuteness! A lot went into the making of the costume and getting my child to actually love wearing it. The original tail I made was 3 times as large and when I put it on him, he was like a dog chasing his tail while crying hysterically. He hated it! So I downsized the tail and tried it on him and he instantly smiled when he looked in the mirror. The tail was constructed using pool noodles, wire, fur, and a lot of hot glue. I covered a hat he had with blue felt and added the goggles and rocky the squirrel came to be!


Submitted by: Becky Lonning

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