Rock ‘Til I Drop………………..Dead!

Rock ‘Til I Drop………………..Dead!

Posted by Connie RodriguezPosted ago

Zombies are everywhere and I always loved doing that type of makeup but I didn’t want to just blend into the crowd so I had to put some thought into it. I always said I’d be a rocker until I die, so I thought why not be one afterward too!

I took an old pair of jeans and tore them, then sewed in pieces and patches of color to give it that rock & roll look, and dangled some bandannas off them. Same with the jacket cut off the sleeves and painted on some rock and roll imagery. The boots are store-bought and worked as-is. The makeup was done with a combination of liquid latex, fake blood, and black/red/yellow makeup. I also made some wounds/zombie skin up and down my arms. The teeth are dental fangs fitted to my teeth.

A wig, bandanna and my trusty guitar completed the look. Since most of the items came from my closet the total cost was low at around $25, mainly for the makeup and latex. if you had to buy it all including boots and guitar you’d be talking a couple hundred. The reactions I got to it were great and I even won the costume contest at work! The best part was everyone wanted their picture with the dead rocker, I felt like a real rock star!


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