Rita Repulsa – New and Old Mash Up!

Rita Repulsa – New and Old Mash Up! Costume

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Started on this monster in late May, and completed only days before the end of October.

I wanted to combine the Old Rita Repulsa from power rangers with the new Rita Repulsa! I took elements from both, added a few cultural references, changed some of the colors around and added the idea that this Rita had the Green Ranger Powers and got busy!

I draped and patterned everything, using EVA foam, Worbla, Instamorphy, about 10 yards of duchess satin (all polyester…never again NOTE* this was the 2nd dress…a friend burned a hole in the first one) and LED lighting.

Everything is handmade, including a short skirt underneath the gown that you can see, and the shoes. The wig is EVA foam with handmade dreadlock (fake of course) I glued down. The back collar is actually also a shield. The Breast Plate and back collar are made of 100+ hand painted and detailed pieces of foam. I also did the embroidery as well…via the old school way of doing a zigzag stitch. The Main body is a onesy, with a removable lower dress with snaps in the back. There is also a fur train in the back as well.

The staff is made of EVA Foam, Worbla, Instamorph and hot glue! I hand painted it all and added LED in the top of the staff. The staff took about 30 hours of work by itself and is actually the 2nd version of the staff (didn’t like the first one).

While my left arm is covered with a large bell sleeve, my right hand is covered in two-part vinyl armor similar to the new Rita. I hand Painted the vinyl pieces.

And yes, my cone “Chest Plate” did light up green!


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