Rick and Morty Reddit Meetup

Rick and Morty Reddit Meetup Costume

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We are a group of 11 friends who have a deep love for Rick and Morty, and DIY craft projects♥

Head Instructions:

What you’ll need:
-24″ beach ball (this will serve as the base of the head)
-Lots of shredded news paper
-Flour, salt, and water (to make the glue)
-Hot glue gun
-Permanent Marker

1. Slather the glue onto the ball, then cover it with one layer of newspaper.
2. Repeat this 10 times, to do 10 layers.
3. You will need to let it air dry overnight
4. Repeat steps 1-3 two more times.
5. Once the head is sturdy, and dry, you will move on to painting. We used wall paint from Lowe’s.
6. After painting, you will move on to cutting the holes for the neck, and the mouth. The size will vary from person to person.
7. The details of the face, such as eyes, and ears were accoplished using sheets of foam. We used permanent marker for the outlines.
8. Lastly, the hair. You need fleece, and cotton filling. You will glue the hairline down first, and start filling the cotton as you’re sealing down the hair.

As for the rest of the costume, we bought our clothes from Wal Mart, very inexpensive, and we were able to maintain a cohesive look.

rick heads-5.jpg
Prehair heads-4.jpg
Group 4-3.jpg
Group 3-2.jpg
Group 2-1.jpg
Rick and Morty Reddit MeetUp

Submitted by: Daniela A Esparza


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