Real Leg Chomping Zombie

Real Leg Chomping Zombie Costume

Posted by Aaron WillisPosted ago

The real, edible flesh leg will have trick-or-treaters gagging as the zombie tears off chunks of rotting meat and eats it.

Leg is made by cooking a meatloaf in a large round soup can with a rawhide dog bone in center. (Do not eat dog bone) Cooking meatload with spinach will give it a vein-y look. Fake, black blood will add to the effect (chose an edible kind, or use blood pellets that can be broken in mouth)
put cooked meatloaf and bone in top of a clean pair of denim jeans. Stuff leg with filler and add shoe to the bottom.

Zombie makeup uses latex and fake blood for wounds and scars. A bit of skull makeup showing up underneath can enhance the effect. I bought some zombie contacts to deaden the eyes, but those can be expensive. Rest of the costume was negligible cost if you have already have basic halloween makeup

Real Leg Chomping Zombie

Submitted by: Aaron Willis

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