Rea the Rocketman

Rea the Rocketman Costume

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My daughter knew she wanted this to be her costume for months. Since the summer we have scouted out pieces for this ensemble. Shoes were located from H&M and then painted by my daughter (Rea) with fabric paint. Black laces were swapped out for bright orange paracord. The glasses came from Amazon and then she glued the rhinestones to them. The jumpsuit, jacket and headpiece were located online by her and required some modifications when they came in. We proceeded to glue rhinestones all over that set. I made the wings with sheets of crafting foam, wire, a hot glue gun and a ton of feathers. We rivetted the wings to a metal framed harness that we made from some items from the Home Depot. I sewed covers for the frame, added more rhinestones to that. Laced more paracord through the ends as to tie securely to my daughter’s frame. Enjoy!

Rea the Rocketman

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