Post Apocalyptic Survivor

Post Apocalyptic Survivor Costume

Posted by Christian HearnPosted ago

My entire life I’ve always been obsessed with famous movie apocalypsis and I always wanted to make one of the fascinating costumes, double with the fact that I had been making costumes since I was around 10 years old, so I decided to try my absolute best. The base of the costume is made with EVA foam and weathered using a technique called dry brushing. if you look closely the tubes on the bionic arm are actually bendy straws and the backpack is made out of foam that used to secure a laptop. YouTube is the thing that taught me how to do almost everything for, not just this costume but past costumes I’ve made. This character wasn’t based on any specific character but rather from my own mind and Imagination. I did take inspiration from famous movies such as Mad Max and Edge of Tomorrow. If you have gotten this far thank you and I hope you enjoy my costume.

Post Apocalyptic Survivor

Submitted by: Christian Hearn

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