Poop Emoji with Toilet

Poop Emoji with Toilet Costume

Posted by Michelle WilliamsPosted ago

My son wanted to be poop Emoji this year so I told him we had to be creative. I handmade the costume from cardboard,, egg crate, black and white tulle, brown and white fabric, bucket, lights and lots of gorilla glue and hot glue.

I used a cardboard box for the tank of the toilet and placed the egg crate around the side to make it curved. I attached a bucket to the front of the tank and used cardboard to make the seat. I covered it with white fabric and added lights to the inside along with Happy Halloween for decoration. The poop head is made from cardboard, brown fabric and tulle for the eyes and mouth. Total cost was approx. $35

Poop Emoji with Toilet

Submitted by: Michelle Williams

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