Plesiosaurus Costume

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My little guy Bo has loved dinos for years. He is into the marine reptile dinos now & asked if I would make a costume for him for Halloween. I found a fabric that looked like it had scales and it looked shiny like it was wet. We found some foam packing material we could recycle for the head and neck. I glued the pieces together then carved the shape with a razor knife. I covered the foam then with black felt to give a smoother surface. I used spray adhesive to attach the felt & also the outer fabric. I used wooden oval shaped beads I hand painted for the eyes. I used a double layer of stiff Interfacing for the teeth and colored them with markers. I used the same stiffener for the tongue & covered it and the mouth with shiny lame’ fabric. The dino has flippers instead of feet or claws so I made those with felt & fabric but left openings for his hands…how else could he hold all his goodies?

He was so excited by the finished costume! He said it was better than he expected. The overall cost was approx. $25 since I used some of the things I already had.


Submitted by: Regina Matthews


  1. Are you open to selling this? My 7 year old son wants to be plesiosaurus for halloween..and I came across your blog. Please email me if you see this!

  2. This is unique and amazing and well beyond my skill level. My daughter would love this so much. If you are open to selling or making one to order please let me know your price.

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