Pennywise Wrens Fairy Realm Version

Pennywise Wrens Fairy Realm Version

Posted by Izabel CortezPosted ago

It’s Halloween season and this would be the best time to share my Pennywise costume based on the figure done by artist Kim Johnson a.k.a Wrens Fairy Realm. I made the whole costume from scratch around 2017 when the first remake of the movie IT was released. I tried my best to be as accurate as possible.?

I made the dress from satin and used lace for the accessories. Made a fluffy petticoat from tulle and modified the boots with red and white leather. I also made the red pompoms from yarn that accent the bodice and boots. I weathered the dress with acrylic paint and splattered some red rubberized paint on it for a bloody effect. I also customed a white stocking because I couldn’t find a white and grey combination.

This was one of the costumes I brought with me from the Philippines when I migrated to Ohio because I know I can definitely use it for Halloween.?

©️ Photographers:
Heather Simko Moore / Munchkin Photos
Justin Holbrook
Joseph Stevenson
Jordan Tyler

Submitted by: Izabel Cortez

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