Pennywise Costume

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This year my 6-year-old son dressed up as Pennywise from It. the outfit was entirely handmade by myself and a friend. We bought fabric to make the bloomers, and we used girls leggings and sewed the ruffles on. For the shirt, we used an oversized boys dress shirt and took the seem out of the lower arm to create the puffed sleeve up top and then tightened the lower portion up. I ordered handmade cuffs off of Etsy for the arms and the neck cuff. The pom-poms were handmade by me using yarn as well as the belt made with ribbon and trimming. I ordered a Pennywise wig off of Amazon and used gel to style it. A little white and red paint for the face and baby powder to make the face look broken up and antique.

He was a complete hit all around town and with our friends and family.


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