Painkiller Costume

Posted by Daniel CardenasPosted ago

The mask is a cross between Pennywise and a witch. The mask is made with epoxy and heat wrap for texture. The hair was added with clear silicone and a popcicle stick. Skulls are epoxy aswell and i added red led lights to them. I made a pitchfork and a mallet. The pitchfork has a homemade severed Pennywise head on it made of latex and epoxy also hair was added with clear silicone and a popsicle stick. The forks are made of PVC pipe and can foam. They were also heat wrapped for texture. Led lights were also added to the pitchfork. The mallet was made of Eva foam and a ddremel. The handle is a PVC pipe the log is a cement cylinder.


Submitted by: Daniel Cardenas

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