Our Little California Roll!

Our Little California Roll! Costume

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Our Little California Roll! (With Wasabi and Ginger Hairclips)

This costume was inspired by Everly’s Daddy, he loves his sushi and wanted the costume for last year, but being she was only 8 months old, we delayed it till she could walk. About 2 weeks before Halloween, this Mommy got to work!

I went to Pinterest for some inspiration to start! I used cardboard to make the front/back circles. I connected those with cardboard strips for support and wrapped the outside with black spandex material (With Daddy’s help!) Craft foam was cut into pieces and painted to make the ‘avocado’, ‘tuna’, ‘salmon’, ‘crab’, and ‘sprouts’! I painted some styrofoam balls orange for the ‘fish eggs’, and the ‘rice’ is biodegradeable packing peanuts! Everything was hot glued and then I made the felt ‘wasabi’ and ‘ginger’ hair clips. (Those I watched some YouTube felt flower tutorials for!)

I will say, Everly was a little unsure of the costume at first, but after some bribery with chocolate and goldfish, she rocked it! Everyone loved how creative and unique it was and Mommy made sure to wear a soy sauce shirt to coordinate as well!

Our Little California Roll!
Our Little California Roll!

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