Operation Game

Operation Game Costume

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After discussing several different costume ideas that I found on Pinterest, my boyfriend and I decided to dress as a doctor and patient from the game of Operation for Halloween. His costume was pretty easy; I purchased his scrubs at Wal-Mart and got him a surgical mask from a friend of mine who works as a nurse. For my costume, I made the game pieces by cutting the shapes out of foam sheets and felt, gluing them together, and attaching them with safety pins to a nude colored shirt and leggings. I also wore red yoga shorts and added white adhesive circle labels to them to look like polka dots. The flashing red nose was a purchase from last Christmas, that was originally meant for Rudolph, and was a great finishing touch to my costume. Since I had some leftover foam sheets and felt, I decided my boyfriend’s dog Penny should join us in the costume fun. I made her a nurse’s hat and found her a toy stethoscope that was just her size. She was a good sport, and a great time was had by all.

Operation Game

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