Operation Board Game

Operation Board Game Costume

Posted by Julia HolensteinPosted ago

This is my daughter Alex. I have made her costumes since she was born. This year she took over the job herself. It was solely her idea to be the Operation Game Board.

We bought foam core from the dollar store and spray painted it. I helped her tape off sections to get a smooth line. She then used the glue gun to hold it together. I helped her paint the front and cut the shapes out. We used foil tape to line the edges. She wanted it to really work so her dad bought a doorbell that buzzed and helped her wire it.

She used baking clay to form the shapes and used velcro to stick them on to an underneath piece of foam board. We then died some sweats skin colored and glued more on the pants. She was so happy with the way it came out and she won her costume contest at school. The whole thing took about 3 days to make. 45 for the board. $5 for the clay. $10 for the doorbell and $1 for the nose.


Submitted by: Julia Holenstein

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