Ooodles of Noodles

Ooodles of Noodles

I saw a cup of noodles t-shirt and thought it was a good idea and the fact that my daughter loves eating them. Half inch foam was used to cushion the body and poster board was used for the stiffness-form. I wrapped the foam and poster board around my daughter and measured from there, tapering it on the bottom, marking the armholes and length. To hold it temporarily together, I used masking tape until I was for sure on location, size and look, then I used white duct tape to permanently hold it together. I found the font used for the cup noodles and created the rectangle bars and the rest of the wordings, using my real cup noodles as a guide. I measured everything out on my design space and cut out the vinyl to heat press onto the felt. A circle of felt, poster board and foam was cut for the top, with a hole for the head to slip through. Hot glue was used to attach the circle felt to the body felt. The tape was used to attach the foam and cardboard to the inside and hot glue was used to attach the felt to the rest, the same thing was done to armholes and bottom. Noodles were made with yarn. I crocheted a beanie then noodles. Hot glued the noodles onto the neck region as well as the beanie. Craft foam was cut out for corn, peas, and carrots to be attached to the noodles. Sticky velcro was put on the back seam to hold the felt together in the back. The project costs around $30.


Submitted by: Mai Tran

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