Off to See the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Treeeats

Off to See the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Treeeats

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I’ve had Ace (the white dog) about a year and a half, and I had dressed him up last year. But Tootsie was adopted into the family just a few months ago. So it’s her first Halloween with us.

Since I’ve now got two dogs, I really wanted to dress my pups up this year in something thematic—something where both their costumes would go together.

But what to pick? I brainstormed a ton of different ideas and in the end, went with the Wizard of Oz. Partly because it is so iconic and memorable. And partly because I myself really liked watching the original film as a child. It’d been ages since I’d seen it last, so I decided to have a movie night with the pups and watch it again to see if I could find some costume inspiration.

After a fun movie night that included lots of puppy-dog snuggles on the couch, I faced one major issue. The movie has four main characters, but I’ve only got two dogs! It was a hard choice picking which two characters I wanted my pups to portray. But in the end, I decided to dress them up as the characters that best matched their personalities.

Ace is a pup with a HUGE heart. He is a total snuggle-bug, is extra sensitive to my emotions, and is just all around full of love. So much so, that he often will grunt and whine if not permitted to go and meet every living thing we encounter. Similarly, the Tin Man was very caring. All he wanted was a heart, but as it turned out, he was full of love all along! (Plus, he was a little squeaky and creaky with all that metal on, which also reminded me of Ace’s eager and pleading whines to go make new friends!)

As for Tootsie, I chose the Cowardly Lion for a couple of reasons. For one, she used to be really scared of new experiences. First time we tried to walk her on a leash—stood rigid and refused to move. First time she met her big brother Ace—cowered low to the ground when he tried to sniff her. You get the idea… But now, she is truly a little lion! She trots around the neighborhood at the end of her leash as if she were queen of the whole block. And she now will take on her big brother without a second thought—pouncing up in his face fearlessly during playtime, stealing his toys right out of his mouth (luckily, he’s such a loving tin-man-of-a-dog and just lets her do it). Long story short, the once-apprehensive Tootsie is now a fearless little pupper—just like the Cowardly Lion finally got some courage in the end.

The roles and costumes fit each dog perfectly!

As for making the costumes—I was able to create both costumes free of cost from stuff I had lying around the house. Ace’s Tin Man costume is a repurposed sunshade for a car, tailored to fit his body, with Velcro bits hot-glued to the various straps to keep it securely on him. The hat also comes from a sunshade. The little plush heart is from the depths of an unwanted, slightly beat up Build-A-Bear toy. (Kind of dark when you think about it, but repurposing does require some sacrifices.)

Tootsie’s costume was fun to make, too. The mane was made from various scraps of fabric I had around the house. Though I didn’t have orange fabric, so for those strips I had to paint white fabric orange. Then I attached all the strips onto a strand of elastic which was then tied and stretched to fit over her head. Unfortunately in this photo you can’t see it, but Tootsie is also wearing a little brown body suit to make her look more lionish. That part of the costume was made from a cut up bit of panty-hose (and yes, she is small enough to fit into a pantry-hose leg!) And she also has a little lion tail tied around her waist. Which also came from the aforementioned sacrificial Build-A-Bear.

The props the dogs are posed with had to be purchased, but they were all found at a local thrift store.

All in all—a fun project, a great final product, and lots of oohs and ahhs from all the passerby’s that saw us trotting down the street!

Off to See the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Treeeats

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