Not a Prize to be Won-Jasmine

Not a Prize to be Won-Jasmine Costume

I really liked Jasmine as a child and wanted Mila to be that for Halloween. So, I got her pumped about Jasmine by letting her watch the movie. She ended up really liking Jasmine and agreed to be her for Halloween.

I started off by making the Magic Carpet. I made it with all felt and no stencils. I just freehand the design and hot glue the design onto a big piece of purple felt. Afterwards, I hot glue the whole carpet onto two pieces of poster board. To make the curved look, like the carpet was flying—I hot glued wires around the bottom of the poster board so I can bend the front down and the back down. I made a hole big in the magic carpet big enough for her body to go through. I made the bottoms and shoes for the fake legs and stuffed pantyhose with batting. To bend the knees of the fake legs, I placed wire hangers so I can bend them whatever way I wanted. I made a hole to the bottom part of the pants and hot glued it over the hole of the magic carpet. Afterwards, I glued on dark blue fabric to all four sides of the magic carpet to cover the wagon when I put it on. Then I glued fairy lights under the blue fabrics to make it look like the night sky. Lastly, I glued a magic lamp to the front of the Magic Carpet. To complete the look, I got her a Jasmine costume, jewelry, and hair extensions. I placed the magic carpet on the wagon and tied it to secure. I then asked my daughter to place her legs into the hole of the Magic Carpet so she sits directly on the wagon.

The costume was a hit when we went trick-or-treating. The lights added extra spark and attention to her costume. People stopped left and right to ask to take pictures of her!

Not a Prize to be Won-Jasmine

Submitted by: Duong Ho

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