Nightmare Before Christmas Family

Nightmare Before Christmas Family Costume

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Our family loves everything about Halloween and the movie, Nightmare Before Christmas. We watch it almost everyday from September to Christmas. You can hear my kids singing This is Halloween at school, or at home while playing. So when I asked my kids what they wanted to be for Halloween, I wasn’t surprised when my son excitedly screamed Jack Skellington and my daughter answered Sally. I love Oogie Boogie and my husband wanted to be The Mayor.

All my materials was already pre-owned (Mayor’s suit), thrifted from Goodwill or homemade using materials bought from Jo Ann fabrics. All materials were total $30.

Jack: I found the toddler tux jacket, black tights, and skeleton gloves at Goodwill and painted the white stripes using Tulip Puffy paint. I made the bowtie out of cardboard and stabilized it with felt and gluegun yarn around to wear it around his neck.

Sally: I used an old white shirt and painted the patterns on the shirt using acrylic paint that I had at home. Cut out pieces of felt to glue gun the stitches onto the shirt to make it pop.

The Mayor: I tied yarn around his neck and taped the spider to make the spider bowtie. The head I used a lampshade from goodwill and painted the face. The hat, I made out of cardboard and glue it on. The mayor sign I used construction paper and orange ribbon and hot glued a clothing pin to the back of it.

Oogie Boogie: I bought 6 yards of burlap fabric and black tulle roll from JoAnns. I traced my whole body (arms, legs, and main body) on the burlap and cut two copies (back and front) along the tracing. I hot glue gun all the parts together except for the shoulder and leg parts so it was easy to get in and out of. I used black yarn to showcase the stitching around oogies body. For the mask I cut out shapes for the eyes and mouth. I used black tulle for the eyes in order to see and black felt for the mouth.

Nightmare Before Christmas Family

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