2018 Adult Winner Second Place
Night King

Night King Costume

Posted by Alain EustachePosted ago

My costume is inspired by the Night King from Game of Thrones. Most of it was store-bought but almost completely altered. The mask was bought but came in grey and with an open mouth. I painted it and glued the mouth shut to give a frowned accurate depiction of the character. The shoulder pads were something I created from black foam pieces bought from Jo-Ann Fabrics. The costume was store-bought, but I had to cut the sleeves off because the whole thing was too small. I sewed elastic bands to the bicep and wrist area of the gauntlets. I created the medallion. I glued Velcro to the from and back to keep the shoulder pads in place. I trimmed the kilt for a better fit; I used power spray deodorant for the frost on the uniform. I plastic dipped my shoes and the costume. And I also painted the parts of my arms that were exposed. The spear was made of plastic and a fabric roll that was spray painted.

Night King

Submitted by: Alain Eustache

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