Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid Costume

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NAKED AND AFRAID: Episode 1031 Michael and Kathleen set out to embark on the most dangerous terrain of all, the rough and tough desert dive bars in Old Town Scottsdale. Known for their prickly pear cactus (margaritas), and careless drunken cowboys, they will have to dodge numerous obstacles throughout the night. Michael starts out the night with a Primitive Survival Rating or PSR of 7.5. Given this Arizona locals laid back nature and his divine beer drinking skills passed down from his Irish ancestry he should be on track to survive this challenge. Kathleen starts out the night with a PSR of 7.6. Although Kathleen is growing older, she’s optimistic she can hang with the young crowd and due to her competitive EDGE she will likely partake in drinking games to keep herself entertained throughout the challenge. At the end of the night their PSRs will be reevaluated. Stay tuned to find out if these two have what it takes ….on this weeks Halloween edition of NAKED AND AFRAID.

Naked and Afraid

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