Mythical Lightning Creature

Mythical Lightning Creature

Posted by Brenda RogersPosted ago

My daughter loves mythical creatures. She sketches many different kinds of magical animals. This year she is a lightning creature with wings. I used silver holographic spandex with a black lightning pattern. I made her outfit with bell-bottom legs fringed with fur. She is wearing some very tall boots. The fur around her wrists is constructed of removable bands fastened with Velcro closure as the fur would have inhibited the costume to stretch when put on if it were sewn directly to the fabric. I made shoulders that jut out on which I arranged individual feathers out of black glitter EVA foam. The feathers on the wings have also been made out of EVA glitter foam. I used spray adhesive and sprinkled silver glitter around the edges. I shaped her horns to look like lightning and eyelids like wings. The head is adorned with Christmas decorations. I used black and white furs with tinsel to line the costume and wings. It was a fun costume to make.


Submitted by: Brenda Rogers

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