Mutant Girl

Mutant Girl Costume

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This is my twist on a mutant girl! She’s adorably scary and many wanted to come up and touch my teeth when I wore this in attendance to a local Halloween party this year! My creepy, teethy prosthetic is completely handmade with exception of liquid latex, spirit gum, fx wax and blood I acquired from my local Halloween store. It’s quite a process, and it’s usually something I plan for all year round! I have a plaster face cast of my face I work on so that my piece is custom to my facial structure and for a secure and seamless fit. From there I start sculpting my ideas with clay. I use rubbing alcohol and a q-tip to thin my edges to ensure my creation blends well with my skin and when I’m done I slather it in petroleum jelly and cast it in more plaster, then let it all dry! The result is a awesome, plaster mold you can keep and make replica latex pieces again and again. I just remove any access clay with some water if needed and let dry, then where the clay once was, I now fill with liquid latex. After that, I smooshed my face cast onto my mold and squeeze it tight so that you have seamless edges and let dry. And there you have it! My own custom prosthetic! I use powder of any sort to pull the latex out of the plaster. I painted it with some acrylics i had and now i was ready for application. To apply it to my face I use a safe, medical grade adhesive called pros-aid (you can also use spirit gum). I apply that to the whole inside of the prosthetic as well as the parts of my face it will be touching. I apply my prosthetic to my face and let it dry. Then I blend my seams and edges of my piece with my fx wax to blend it with my skin so that it looks realistic! After that, I dabbed more liquid latex over that to blend it out a bit. I needed that to dry, of course, but following that, I was ready for makeup and blood! I scared some people that night.

Mutant Girl

Submitted by: Marie Zarcone

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