Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze Costume

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Hi there! Every year I pick a DC villain costume to make out of thrift store items. I absolutely love the thrill of scavenger hunting at different thrift stores and the glorious moment of finding the perfect item that sometimes takes me 5-6 stores to find. Most of my items this year, I was able to find after the 2nd or 3rd store; the one imperative piece that defines who my character is, however, took over 2 months to find! I still remember the overwhelming feeling I felt when I finally found it (drink dispenser bowl). This part was hard to find because I had to find something that fit my head, looked realistic, had the correct shape but most importantly, it had to be the right plastic so that I could breathe and for my safety.

This 2018 Halloween, I am Mr. Freeze. I used a lot more materials than I have with my past costumes and spent about 3X then past years:

-Plastic tubing
-Football shoulder pads
-Acrylic paint
-Spray paint
-Water gun
-Drink dispenser bowl
-Face paint
-Makeup – foundation
-White wig
-Battery Lights
-Glue gunglue sticks

When I dressed up Halloween weekend, we started at a piano bar where the bouncer yelled, “Watch out with Mr. Freeze!” His reaction was worth every penny and hour this costume took to make.

Mr. Freeze

Submitted by: Vanessa Nunez

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