Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze Costume

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My son Skyler is a huge fan of both Halloween and Batman. He will dress up as Batman almost every day and in general, just loves costumes. This year he decided he wanted to be a bad guy and chose Mr. Freeze. Last year we did his costume (Optimus Prime) in cardboard, and we wanted to fix and improve as much as we could. The first step was upgrading from cardboard to EVA foam. We watched a ton of cosplay and comic con youtube video to get tips and tricks. We ended up with a great fitting lightweight costume that he could be comfortable in. Generally, the process was 1. Making a template of his chest with tape 2. Cutting foam parts to the template and using contact cement to attach them together 3. Modify and adjust as we went, ha. The hardest part was finding the glass dome, it’s actually a small plastic garden cloche. Again a tip we got from the cosplay community. The best part was detailing, the tank on the back was from a water gun, the tubes are cable organizers from Ikea and all the blue nylon straps were a 20ft roll from Amazon that I sewed into straps. You can’t tell from the photos but we also built a voice changer into the suit. The mic is in the helmet and the speaker is in the chest with the red LED lights. Took us about 3 months working nights and weekends. Final cost was about $150.

Mr. Freeze

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