Medusa and Stone Man

Medusa and Stone Man Costume

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My name is Heather and I have always been Halloween obsessed so as usual, I started planning for my spouse and my costume in August. I’ve been saving this idea of Medusa and her stone man for years but finally decided this is the year to do it. I made the majority of both costumes. The entire thing took roughly 6 weeks.

Starting with Medusa, the headpiece was made from different types of EVA foam, a heat gun, 4 different colors of paint and thin plant craft wire. Heat gun to melt the snakes, lots of heavy duty hot glue and in some cases the craft wire to make them stay up. The real challenge was what I called ‘shaving’ each snake down (I stopped counting after 35 snakes). So that they appeared less flat and square. I made the skirt from material at a fabric store. The shirt was custom made from an Etsy shop. I also wore “snake eye” colored contacts. I did my makeup using a fishnet pantyhose on my face for snake-like contour.

For my stone man, I made a tunic using a bed sheet spray painted with three different colors, including a ‘stone look’ spray. I also used that spray for the armor to get the stone look and sprayed it on the knife and shield. Of course, the day of I had to use body paint for the majority of his face arms and legs as well. I also bought completely grey pupil-free contacts for him. (He couldn’t see a thing, poor guy lol)

I am not sure of the exact cost but estimate I spent about 350 dollars or more. The hardest part was the trial and error with the headpiece layout… trying several different methods and materials until I found one that was lightweight and looked the best.

Medusa and Stone Man


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