Medusa Costume

Posted by Margaret GravissPosted ago

This costume was a budget DIY project. I created the snake hair headdress from backer rod (a home improvement sealant), model magic, wire, and craft foam. I made a cap for my head out of craft foam and glued wire filled backer rods onto it and formed them into snakey shapes. I hand-made each of the snakeheads out of model magic and gave them all a little personality. For extra support to keep the snakes on my head, I created a detailed gold band around the headpiece. This piece was made to look like a winged Greek helmet. I painted each of the snakes eyes with glow in the dark paint so at night they would glow. I added fangs to each of their mouths to complete the look. I sewed the dress by hand and added a belt with snakes glued on and hand painted Greek patterns. I created handcrafted snake earrings and a necklace to complete the look. For a modern flair on Medusa, I created a snake henna tattoo on my leg to bring the details together. I had a lot of fun creating this costume, and it was a huge hit.


Submitted by: Margaret Graviss

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