May the Force Be with You (Luke Skywalker and R2D2)

May the Force Be with You (Luke Skywalker and R2D2)

Posted by Jessica LawrencePosted ago

May the Force be with you this Halloween! My oldest son is a huge Star Wars fan, so when he decided to be Luke Skywalker in his X-Wing, we knew his little brother/sidekick had to be his trusty droid, R2D2.

The X-Wing is made out two spray-painted cardboard boxes; foam board wings; spray-painted dowels, and spray-painted plastic containers from a dollar store. The decals are vinyl, made with a die-cutting machine, and the costume is held up by attached tie down straps.

The base of R2D2 is a silver swing-top plastic trash can. We cut out the bottom, spray painted the bottom part white, and kept the top silver. The “arms” are made from PVC pipes and the feet are spray-painted electrical covers with casters so it can roll. We also had added a parent handle on the back to help steer.

All of the R2D2 decals were made out of vinyl using a die-cutting machine (and a whole lot of math to make them all accurately fit). The top design is also vinyl, a Bluetooth speaker, battery-powered red and blue lights, and spray painted bottle tops.

We linked the Bluetooth speaker to a smart phone, which allowed us to not only control R2D2 sound effects, but also play the Star Wars theme song. When these two approached a group of people, we would blast the Star Wars theme song, and then when people spoke to R2D2 or commented on the costume, we would have it reply with various “beep boop” sound effects.

The Force was strong with our Halloween!


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