Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette Costume

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The Marie Antionette costume was really fun to wear and more fun to make! I found the dress at Goodwill ($15) and the wig on Amazon ($30). I modified the dress by making a wire hoop and sewing in straps with velcro under the skirt (the velcro was a must for removal of the wire so I could fit in the car). I modified the wig by buying a model ship from Amazon ($9) and some ribbon from Walmart ($4), and I sewed the pieces into the wig. For the makeup, I used a white cream-based foundation ($1 from Walmart) and used purple and black eyeshadows to make my eyes look bruised and discolored. I also used a red lipstick base and layered black lipstick on the inside to make my lips look like they were decomposing. The guillotine-chopped neck was the hardest makeup item to create. I made a black and purple eyeshadow base to make the area look bruised, and then I used Mehron’s stage blood ($8 on Amazon) to create the bloody look. Its definitely a costume you can have a lot of attitude and sass with!

Marie Antoinette

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