Little Red Riding Wolf

Little Red Riding Wolf Costume

Posted by Stephanie Faye MedvetzPosted ago

Off to grandma’s house we go … every weekend. Kaiya loves going to grandma’s house since she lives in a complex with so many kids to play with! The irony in this story though? Our little Red Riding Hood is also the ‘big bad’ wolf! There are no loud, deep voices, big hands or eyes, or large mouths here though. Just a whole lot of cute! Kaiya’s costume is made up of a cape, but also a wicker basket and grandma’s shirt (thanks, grandma!). This year’s costume idea came from Kaiya’s love of our weekend trips to grandma’s house. Her wolf-like resemblance added to the creation of the perfect idea. While this time the ‘big bad’ wolf is a cute 11-year-old Siberian Husky, we don’t recommend you chance it and remember to stick to the path mom told you to take! Happy Halloween!

Little Red Riding Wolf

Submitted by: Stephanie Faye Medvetz

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