Little Old Lady

Little Old Lady Costume

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This costume was created because I thought it would be cute to have my baby girl be an old lady for Halloween because they are such opposites, yet very similar in a lot of ways. My daughter, Malia is 14 months old, and I originally wanted to do it last Halloween I thought she was too young and couldn’t sit up yet so it wouldn’t be as fun. I literally waited an entire year to create this costume. I got the idea from Etsy. I made the wig using cotton balls, a she already had and a hot glue gun ($12.00). I took a pair of her sunglasses, popped out the lenses, and painted them with red nail polish. The rest was very simple. I bought some pearls from Target from the party section ($5.00). I used one of her dresse that looked the most like something an elderly would wear and one of her sweater buttoning only the top button put some stockings on be with her gold shoes. The cane I bought from Party City for $5.00 and cut it to fit her size. I had so much fun making this costume. It was fun to watch her and my son in these costumes because it looked like the cop was trying to help an old lady, and she didn’t want his help! I have so many pictures of her falling and him trying to help her up and her trying to hit him with the cane. The whole thing was hilarious.

Little Old Lady

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