Lil’ Bo Peep

Lil’ Bo Peep Costume

Posted by Olivia MorganPosted ago

Yes, there is a pony under all that fluff! “Fuzzbuster” was an incredibly amazing sport for this costume masterpiece! The costume on the pony is 100% homemade. I started with a base of a throw blanket and hot glued many many many puffs of pillow filler. This process took a little work every night for a week to complete. Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for the Bo Peep part of the ensemble; we actually purchased that second hand. Inspiration came from just brain storming on what would be cute for a little girl and her sweet little pony. It all came together nicely, and everyone had a wonderful time. The approximate cost of everything wasn’t too terribly much since I did most of it on my own. I’d say I probably had less than $50 in materials. Oh, and the cane she is carrying was hand-made by a beloved great uncle and was passed down to me!

lil bo peep 3-2.jpg
lil bo peep2-1.jpg
Lil' Bo Peep

Submitted by: Olivia Morgan

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