Life’s Full Of Tough Choices, Innit?

Life’s Full Of Tough Choices, Innit? Costume

Posted by Bridget SteinfeldtPosted ago

The idea for this costume came to be when my husband and I decided to go on a cruise in the Caribbean over Halloween; it only made sense to me that a sea witch is on a cruise ship. The cruise was part of a retreat that I was on, and all of the members of the retreat were encouraged to dress up as there would be a costume contest just in our group of retreat attendees. The costume is made out of black and purple satin, black tulle, and a thick, black, stretchy belt- it took less than 4 hours to completely put together and with makeup cost less than $100. The tentacles are stuffed with tissue paper to give them dimension, and fishing line is sewn into a few of them and attached to my wrists so they moved when I moved my arms. Tissue paper was not my first choice, but being on a cruise ship, the options were limited- and I am not at all upset with how it turned out! It was so much fun and I am so glad I participated!!!


Submitted by: Bridget Steinfeldt

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