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LEGO Superman and LEGO Wonder Woman

LEGO Superman and LEGO Wonder Woman Costume

Posted by Angel Eduardo and Veronica MoralesPosted ago

This is my girlfriend and me in our LEGO Superman and Wonder Woman costumes, 99% of which were made of foam mattress topper. Add a little bit of cardboard and poster board, a plastic construction helmet, lots of spray paint, and hot glue to put it all together (not to mention all the algebra required to scale up the measurements of a LEGO mini figure to fit our bodies).

In order to properly scale the proportions for the torso and leg pieces, we took measurements from our LEGO Superman and Wonder Woman mini figures and did a ton of sketches. We cut all the pieces out of foam mattress toppers, spray painted the parts using painter’s tape to separate sections, and glued them all together. For the torso we used Christmas wrapping paper to create stencils of the details in order to get multiple colors. The S shield and Wonder Woman gold armor pieces were made of two pieces of poster board glued together.

The headpieces were all bed foam, reinforced inside with cardboard and paper towel roll tubes, holding plastic construction helmets in place to fit our heads. The hair was also bed foam, cut out, glued together, and spray painted separately. Wonder Woman’s hair was made up of individual strips of bed foam layered onto a base sheet of foam and glued together. For the facial details I found images of LEGO Superman’s and Wonder Woman’s faces online, and scaled them up using my printer to the proper size, before cutting out stencils for the details and spray painted cardboard for the eyes.

Probably 50+ hours and maybe $300 later, we were finished, and we were ecstatic with the results!


Submitted by: Angel Eduardo and Veronica Morales

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