Ky-Bot Costume

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My son, Kyle is dressed as “ky-bot.” He is an autistic 9-year-old boy in the 4th grade. He is wearing a DIY robot costume I made him in 1st grade, that he has insisted on using every year since! Each year, I try to spruce it up a little bit (because of wear and tear) and this year, we added legs and silver shoes. Every part of the costume was made from visions he had of what he wanted it to look like. He drew me a diagram of the set up and then we crafted it together.

The costume is made of cardboard, and other materials used were battery powered string lights, reflective stickers, bottle caps, plastic cups and soda bottles, a metal slinky, silver spray paint, and duct tape, etc.

Every year, people give him extra candy and say it’s the best costume they have seen all night, so he is so proud of it!


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