Kilowog Green Lantern

Kilowog Green Lantern Costume

Posted by Eddie roy suttonPosted ago

Hello! This is my depiction of Kilowog from the Green Lantern universe. I have included a picture of where the costume came from. Kilowog is one of the largest of the Green Lanterns, and I wanted to bring his size to life. I made every portion of this costume, minus the mask. A friend of mine sculpted it for me. It is made mostly of Plexiglass, with some PVC and wood in there to hold some of it together. I molded most of the Plexiglass using my oven. There are over 32 feet of LEDs and multiple batteries and switches. I’ve spent over 500 hrs on this costume to include sound and motion.

Kilowog Green Lantern

Submitted by: Eddie roy sutton

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