Kill the Orc! Slay the Ork!

Kill the Orc! Slay the Ork! Costume

Posted by Shawn KillingsworthPosted ago

A 7 foot tall greenskin in a mashup style and inspired by the orcs of”World of Warcraft”and the Orks of “Warhammer” This green meany is quite intimidateing and with his 24″×12 footprint and an equally intimidating 7 foot armspan . You better move quick if you wanna ‘slip by. His extra long reach! This was made with eva foam faux fur and leather And some old hi tops for the boots and gloves. Eva foam, worbla,and acrylic paint. For the wrist armomor and belt. Upolstry foam a long sleave tshirt and latex and acrylic paint for the muscle suit. Eva foam and acrylic paint for the axe and sheild Dragonskin silicone molded for the mask and. Velvetine cloak and hood. Approx cost $250.

Kill the Orc! Slay the Ork!

Submitted by: Shawn Killingsworth

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