Joyce Costume

Here’s the story of our family’s Stranger Things Halloween:

Stranger Things is one of our family’s favorite shows.  When a child behavioral therapist suggested cutting my two-year old daughter’s hair short to curb a hair pulling habit, my wife was devastated.  Until, that is, we realized it made her look like Eleven.  All at once we knew what we had to do for Halloween this year.  We decided that our daughter would be Eleven, I would be Hopper, and my wife would be Joyce.

90% of the Joyce costume came from the thrift store, with the wig & axe being the only officially licensed costume accessories, and a set of battery-operated christmas lights from Amazon.  My wife trimmed the wig slightly, mostly the bangs, and applied lipstick in a similar shade to what’s on the show.


Submitted by: Skyler Hall

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