Jellyfish Costume

Posted by Jessica LongPosted ago

A mom had a dream…could she get her whole family costumed for under $60, and could they all agree on a theme? Well, that dream came true and our family had fun with their Ocean themed do-it-yourself costumes. Our oldest wanted to be a jellyfish. Here’s how we did it:

I bought a hula hoop at the dollar store ($2) and a straw hat at the thrift store ($1) and some mini battery operated LED lights from Amazon (about $10). With wire, I attached the hula hoop to the hat to make a large circle and then built a dome out of bubble wrap that I had in storage boxes in our basement. I taped the LED lights on top and then covered the whole dome with a couple of thin, translucent trash bags. I cut a couple more trash bags in a spiral shape and attached them to the underside of the brim with tape to make the tentacles.


Submitted by: Jessica Long

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