Jacob Scissorhands

Jacob Scissorhands Costume

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Jacob Scissorhands aka Edward Scissorhands.

Every year, my 3 children have a themed Halloween. This year we waited for the oldest (since she is the fussiest) to decide what she wanted to be. She did not choose until Sunday, October 28th. She ended up picking Wednesday Addams, therefore, I searched 90’s movies to find 2 more ideas. My middle went with Bride of Chucky and my 9-year-old Edward Scissorhands. On Monday after work, I ran to the store and found black jeans with zippers, black gloves, a white button-down shirt and men’s black suspenders (as there were none in any store for boys). When I went home I made the men’s suspenders fit by using black duck tape and safety pins. I dug through old clothes in the basement and found a black scarf to make it look like the black turtleneck he wears in the movie. I also found a pair of combat boots my girls used for a hip-hop routine. On Tuesday after work, I ran to the dollar store and picked up 3 pairs of scissors. When I couldn’t break them apart I ran to my brother’s house. He helped me take them apart. I then put a plastic knife over it and duct tape around so that it was no longer sharp and cushioned. Stopped at the party store on my way home and grabbed black hairspray. Wednesday before school my son put on the gloves so I could secure the scissors around his fingers with duct tape.

After school, my son put on his PJ’s, followed by a black shirt, black jeans with zippers. I styled his hair with spiking glue and used the hair straightener to spike it up. We sprayed it with hairspray and then went outside to spray the black hair color. I put the lightest foundation we had on his face. I used 3 different color eyeshadows around his eyes. Took the darkest liquid foundation I could find and a q-tip to draw scars. I put a tad of black lipstick in the middle of his mouth. We then put on his white button down, black suspenders, black scarf, and combat boots. I tossed a few safety pins on him, and we put on his gloves to finish the look.

My husband, my son and myself were shocked at how good it came out. When we went trick-or-treating everyone knew who he was, which excited him. The best part was when we were trick or treating none of his school friends who see him daily knew who he was. The hardest part was getting him to not smile for my picture. Total cost was around $40.

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Jacob Scissorhands

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