Issa as Eleven of Stranger Things

Issa as Eleven of Stranger Things

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My darling niece @yutangclan2018 is a cast member of @strangerthingstv @milliebobbybrown inspired by her Philippines dress and her mama’s love for the show = presenting mill•Issa !!! Costumes and fashion fun !!! Issa, you a babe, girl !!! Now share some of them Eggos !!! = Why Does Eleven’s Nose Bleed On ‘Stranger Things’? … Stranger Things reveals pretty early on that Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, (aka Issa Yu), can move things with her mind. However, when she attempts a particularly difficult task and exhibits a lot of effort, her nose bleeds and she feels drained. @col_sifu @jesselyne power to the mind and the nose.

Issa as Eleven of Stranger Things

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