I am not a man! Call me Penguin!

I am not a man! Call me Penguin!

Posted by Joseph CortezPosted ago

This is the result you get from your 5-year-old wanting to watch every Batman movie made! He’s had his heart set on dressing as this Penguin all year and because Halloween stores don’t make 1992 versions of The Penguin costume, you gotta get creative.

  • Hat/overcoat (Spirit Halloween)
  • Wig (amazon)
  • Prosthetic nose (Amazon)
  • Makeup (Spirit Halloween)
  • Vest (Thrift store)
  • Pants (Thrift shop)
  • Rubber boots (Target)
  • Scarf (Amazon)
  • Replica umbrella (Online)
  • Webbed gloves (handsewn)

This was a really fun costume to put together, and seeing the reaction of all the adults in our neighborhood when they saw a little blast from the past was pretty cool too.


Submitted by: Joseph Cortez

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