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The Hunter x Hunter series truly piqued my interest in introducing characters with the depth of Hisoka Morrow. Not only was I immediately drawn to his intangible characteristics, but his physical dimensions (long and lean) aligned well with my dimensions. Upon searching Hisoka costumes, I found that while some replications captured the details of his costume fairly well, nobody produced an exact replication, let alone had the physique to translate the costume into real time properly. I found that my favorite costume of his was from Heaven’s Arena (google Hisoka Heaven’s Arena outfit). Inspired to do justice to this beautifully sinister character, I put on about 10 pounds of muscle, lost 15 pounds of fat and water, following a strict dietary regimen designed to “peak” for the photoshoot in costume. In doing so, I was able to recreate Hisoka without photoshopping any bit of my waistline or arms to sell the illusion of contrast. I did, however, photoshop some shots that had poor background details (as both my makeup artist and photographer fell through the day of…figures). With a Van Heusen dress shirt as my canvas, I hand-sewed construction foam in 4 different places on the shoulders and added ribbing to give the look some dimension, mobility, and contribute to reading more as a ring of armor than foam. I sincerely didn’t use any stencils in cutting out and sewing the felt card suits to the front and back, and was presently surprised by how they came out. Again, I cut circles out of an old black shirt and hand-sewed them to the kneecap of white joggers I got from China. The most expensive parts of this costume were buying the bicep bands and wristbands MSRP (I bought another two pairs but they wouldn’t fit on my arms and were tearing away the white bodypaint, so I opted to only put one pair on). In total (with makeup and hair gel) this costume probably cost me $80 in cash, probably 30 hours of sewing (I’ve never sewed anything else before), and countless hours in the gym. My only regrets in the execution of this costume come with my reliance on other parties to come through with what they volunteered to do. I was incredibly rigorous throughout this entire process, down to minutiae that others claimed they “wouldn’t even notice” if I hadn’t executed exactly as how I’d predicted it needed to be. I was steadfast in my planning and resolve, and executed everything to a T in terms of the peak week and was only let down by my inability to acquire the proper makeup artists and photographers necessary to most appropriately capture the essence of the character. Nonetheless, I am satisfied with how the photos came out after some alteration to usher a more sinister atmosphere.

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