Hi! I’m Chucky and I’m Your Friend Til the End!!

Hi! I’m Chucky and I’m Your Friend Til the End!! Costume

Hello. This is my 1-year-old son who’s wearing the costume. I made the whole costume. I bought the overalls and drew the same pictures of tools on them as Chucky wore. I then took an old red shirt of mine and cut that into pieces to have the red around the collar of the shirt and on the wrists and the bottom of the overalls. I took red lipstick to make the scars on his face and I took orange spray for his hair to color it close to the same as Chucky. He is carrying with him a bloody knife. He was the talk of the night. Random people were asking to take pictures of him and telling me I needed to put him in to win a contest because it’s too freaky how much he looked like the actual Chucky. I had fun making this costume.


Submitted by: Erin

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